Peace sets you free...

Next we decided we should throw a girl up in front of the camera to keeps things fair. Why let the guys have all the fun! Ashley from Puerto Rico and Rem from Burma volunteered.. The boys hunkered down and scanned then over side by side and found that there eyebrows , face and cheeks were different, but that was it.. In the end they realized they had more in common then less !

Peace sets your free, Hate ties you down!

Next we did how they differed…. Richard who is Cambodian, Chinese and Korean sat for the camera.. One by one the kids filed up to take a photo, at first it was easy.. his skin was different, as was his hair, and his eyes of course.. then it got harder with kids scanning Richard for differences from them.. they came up with his cheek bones were a little higher and that he could speak another language.. But it wasn’t easy!

We are all Simliar part 2

Next Maleek volunteered to sit for our experiment,  kids of all ethnic backgrounds took a turn behind the camera, African American, Asian & Latin American. They found Maleek had a nose, a smile, a knee and a heart…. just like them….

The Kids and I did an exercise today on how we have more in common then not, we first went with what was similar, we used Ernest first as our guinea pig, and the kids took turns showing what was similar by taking a photos.. We found his Face , his body his passion and his feet were all something that everyone in the room had

We are all the same at the end of the day
Peace sets your free, Hate ties you down..

I’m working with a group of wonderful kids from Bock High School in Philadelphia, USA in Conjunction with the Philadelphia Mural Arts on Diversity and Tolerance of the many ethnic races that live in the city of Brotherly love.. Our first meet we came up with a Mantra  for our group.. What we wanted to convey as we explore the space with in the boundaries with a camera.. 

We came up with the phrase “Peace sets you free, hate ties you down”  We revistited it the next week and still liked it so I think its gonna stick!

me— sabina louise pierce, photographer, photojournailst, artist

me— sabina louise pierce, photographer, photojournailst, artist